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Calling Doctor Freud: Why “Gods”

Why the “gods,” plural, in the podcast title? Because I do not concede that there is but one god people do or do not believe in. Honestly dig a little deeper and you will be struck with the fact that the god of the Christians, Jews, and Muslims is not the same god, for each of these gods has values and wishes different than the others. And frankly, the “there is one god, but the messengers got it wrong,” is but an apologetic fudge.

Episode 11: Mother Nature, the Homicidal Bitch


Topics covered (& reference links, when applicable): 1) An Apple a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist at Bay 2) Alcohol, Marriage, and those Adulterous Variables

Regular moderate alcohol intake has cognitive benefits in older adults

Couples who cohabit before engagement are more likely to struggle

3) Might Makes Rights That Are Wrong 4) Mother Nature, the Homicidal Bitch 5) You Eat What You Are 6) The Meaning of Berries 7) The Dark Side of a Chocolate Study