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Episode 20 (a minicast): Infidelity to the Absurd


This minicast consist of my reading the introduction to my book: The Naked Bible: An Irreverent Exposure of Bible Verses, Versions, and Meanings that Preachers Dishonestly Ignore Here’s my self-promotional blurb for it:

There is more to the Bible than the select cherries plucked from its pages by preachers and politicians. In fact, if a person bothers to look, he or she will find a massive, unseemly underside.

In this collection of brief, entertaining essays, written in a tone both matter-of-fact incredulous and wryly sarcastic, Andrew Bernardin dives deep beneath the Bible’s cover to share a peek of some of the customarily cloaked, sordid content. He reveals both how “God’s inerrant word” has been worded differently in different versions of the Bible, and how the messages change from Genesis to Revelation within each version.

From front to back, The Naked Bible strips bare the outright scandalous and plainly silly alike. If you care to know more about the lesser known Bible, this is one fun way to do it.


Episode 11: Mother Nature, the Homicidal Bitch


Topics covered (& reference links, when applicable): 1) An Apple a Day Keeps the Psychiatrist at Bay 2) Alcohol, Marriage, and those Adulterous Variables

Regular moderate alcohol intake has cognitive benefits in older adults

Couples who cohabit before engagement are more likely to struggle

3) Might Makes Rights That Are Wrong 4) Mother Nature, the Homicidal Bitch 5) You Eat What You Are 6) The Meaning of Berries 7) The Dark Side of a Chocolate Study