Episode 22: Men Are Not Idiots; But They Are Relatively Expendable


Features (& reference links, when applicable):

1. Freshly Baked Psychology News

> On Risk-Taking and Male Idiocy

Study supports the theory that men are idiots

Male Idiot Theory

The Darwin Awards: sex differences in idiotic behaviour

2. Slightly Moldy Psychology News

> Spanked by a Female in Sports

Men are from Mars Earth, women are from Venus Earth

3. The Heretics Corner

> My Computer’s Soul

4. Rationality Super-Sized

> Hunch-Based Medicine

Science-Based Medicine

5. The Ongoing Orgy Called Evolution

> Obesity on the Rise in Horses


6. Armchair Ruminations

> You’ve Got Avogadro’s Eyes

Vision Explained: Scientists Finally Capture Elusive Signaling Device Our Retinas Use To Tell Us What We See

7. Crime Blotter of the Language Police

> A Copyright on Laughter

Body’s Response to Repetitive Laughter Is Similar to the Effect of Repetitive Exercise. Study Finds


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