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A Turtle on the Pond of Time

A Turtle on the Pond of Time:
Philosophical Dialogues that Question the Nature of Time










Is time a fundamental element of our universe? Or is it a human invention—a tool used to measure and predict movement and change? In this colorful collection of short dialogues, Andrew sheds a fanciful yet skeptical light on the idea that time is a like a river, magically sweeping everything along with it. If asked to supply his own metaphor, the author would describe our universe as something of a roiling pond. Yes, there is movement and change, with “things” aggregating into existence and dissolving out. Yet to speak of previous and subsequent states of matter and energy as belonging to “the past” or “the future” is to create a fictitious depth to our universe. Bunnies measuring speed, herrings charting distance, crabs arguing over “the infinite”—this book is one part Saturday morning cartoon, one part invitation to contemplating the nature of time. Intelligent, entertaining and thought-provoking, A Turtle on the Pond of Time aims to draw minds into questioning the existence of time.

The Naked Bible

The Naked Bible
An Irreverent Exposure of Bible Verses, Versions, and Meanings
that Preachers Dishonestly Ignore



There is much more to the Bible than the select cherries plucked from its hundreds of pages by preachers and politicians. There exists, in fact, a massive, rotten underside. But who has the time and sufficient quantities of NoDoz to read the entire book? In this collection of brief, entertaining essays, written in a tone both matter-of-fact incredulous and wryly sarcastic, Andrew Bernardin dives deep beneath the Bible’s cover to share a peek of some of the customarily cloaked, sordid content. He reveals both how “God’s inerrant word” has been worded differently in many versions of the Bible, and how the messages change from Genesis to Revelation within each Bible. In addition to the essays, Naked contains bonus, eye-opening verses translated into blunt, everyday English by Andrew himself. From front to back, The Naked Bible strips bare the outright scandalous and plainly silly alike. If you care to know more about the lesser known Bible, this is one fun way to do it.

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