Calling Doctor Freud

Material and an episode list from my now catatonic podcast, Calling Doctor Freud: Psychology, Skepticism, and the Pesky Problem of Gods.

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Calling Doctor Freud is a podcast by Andrew Bernardin.  It’s primary aim is to promote critical thinking while entertaining listeners.  WARNING: Andrew’s psychological/evolutionary/atheistic orientation permeates the material (oh my!).  Each weekly podcast includes the following segments:

  1. Freshly Baked Psychology News
  2. Slightly Moldy Psychology News
  3. The Heretic’s Corner
  4. Rationality Super-Sized
  5. The Ongoing Orgy Called Evolution
  6. Armchair Ruminations
  7. Crime Blotter of the Language Police


Why Gods?

The Music


 #1 So Many Questions

 #2 A Golden Age

#3 Blame it on Testosterone

#4 (Minicast): Four Beliefs That Impede Education

#5 The Bedrock of Sexual Attraction

#6 (Minicast): Good Reasons To Be An Outspoken Atheist

#7 The Conjoined Twins Of Thought And Emotion

#8 (Minicast): How Bogus Beliefs Persist

#9 Schizophrenia, Creativity & The Disordered Brain

#10 (Minicast) Religion And The Enshrinement Of Hierarchy

#11 Mother Nature, The Homicidal Bitch

#12 (Minicast): The Sloppies – My Awards For Bad Science Writing

#13 Gender Differences — A Totally Pink And Blue Podcast

#14 (Minicast): Religion As A Replaceable Reason For Being

#15 Coloring Outside The Lines – On Cheating And Creativity

#16 (Minicast): No Solitary Creator

#17 Sex, Sex, And More Sex

#18 (A Minicast): Six Shifty Criticisms Of Evolutionary Theory And How They Are Mistaken

#19 A Lollapalooza Of Personalities

#20 (A Minicast): Infidelity To The Absurd

#21 Skeptical Of Pervasive Misogyny

 #22 Men Are Not Idiots; But They Are Relatively Expendable

#23 (A Minicast): Not All About Sex – Freud’s Myopic Focus

#24 (A Minicast): Sam Harris And The Science Of Morality

#25 The Complexities Of Intelligence

#26 Taking A Hiatus




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