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Calling Dr. Freud – The Music

If you enjoy the music samples used in Calling Doctor Freud, I encourage you to check out the artists and their work. (Songs in order of play … )


George Hrab – Source Albums

1- Trebuchet2 - coelacanth

Greydon Square – Source Albums

3 - mandelbrot set4 - Kardeshev Scale

Roy Zimmerman – Source Album

5 - faulty intelligence

Why “Gods”

Why the “gods,” plural, in the podcast title? Because I do not concede that there is but one god people do or do not believe in. Honestly dig a little deeper and you will be struck with the fact that the god of the Christians, Jews, and Muslims is not the same god, for each of these gods has values and wishes different than the others. And frankly, the “there is one god, but the messengers got it wrong,” is but an apologetic fudge.

Episode 26: Taking a Hiatus



“Hello, hello, hello . . . anyone out there?” I know I do have some listeners, and for you all I now come to your eardrum with this notice: I have decided to take a hiatus from this podcast.  The primary reason: I’ve got more pressing projects I need to put the time into. I do enjoy podcasting, so I’m confident at some point I will be back at it.  Whether or not I resurrect Calling Doctor Freud, I’m currently uncertain. If you have any thoughts about the podcast, I’d love to hear them.  To do so, please go to the page “About Me.”

Thanks for listening.  And here’s to skepticism, self-knowledge, and ­transcending the belief in gods. Andrew Bernardin, signing out.